Services provided by our company

Services to creditors

It is concerned with collecting all kinds of debts bad, bad and stable debts and the various forms resulting from bills.
Checks, various financial instruments, insurance policies and claims of all kinds. And where criminal legal procedures are taken
And civil, according to our discretion, we are in Al-Sharqawi Company for Integrated Solutions. Arrest warrants are issued by the prosecution offices and executed by
Police make settlements and even pay them off.

It is concerned with assessing the risks arising from various credit transactions and putting in place the necessary precautions to avoid falling into losses
As much as possible, with setting and setting the procedures and rules for the evaluation form of credit applications and the accompanying feasibility studies
And the guarantees supporting it in several ways, and determining the importance of creditors from others.

It examines the preparation of forms related to customer information requesting credit and the type of questions contained therein and placed in accordance with standards
They are different, including the type of credit provided, its duration, guarantees, etc. and the documents required of them, and then after filling them from the customer, they seek
The company to verify it on the ground, which includes all the information contained in the format, and this also applies to old and current customers
Them to determine and confirm their information throughout the credit period and report it to the donors.

It withdraws from all orders and executions issued by the police, prosecution offices, and courts concerned with arrest, seizure or prohibition
And determining the movement and all legal procedures from the judicial authorities, so that we prepare for them and make all procedures for their enforcement and coordination
And the investigation and search for wanted people and arrest them by the police and with our guidance. Without prejudice to the rights of others and transgression
The powers granted to us or infringement of the freedoms and rights guaranteed to those wanted under the laws in force and governing in the country or
Other countries in which the implementation, seizure and summoning takes place after coordination with the international police “INTERPOL”.

In it, we mean collecting and distributing monthly bills and claims, and following them up from issuance until payment, so that regular contact is made.
Regularly with defaulting customers and recommending to the service provider to cut off or suspend services until payment or scheduling
The regular periodic follow-up of customers who have monthly bills in debt by means of lighter pressure than other defaulters is largely prevented.
They falter in the future.

It is concerned with providing various and specialized legal advice from an elite group of legal advisors in the areas
Criminal and civil methods and methods of litigation.
All that can help protect the rights and gains of our customers from being lost.

This service is concerned with studying the financial and credit status of the customer in all aspects and setting up the administrative structure of the institution or company
And implementing it, balancing revenues with expenditures and existing debts, and moving businesses to raise revenues and pressure expenditures to meet
With debts without prejudice to the progress of business, until matters are straightened out and taking over everything related to the administration of the institution or company
Blessed by our expertise in management, economics and other diverse experiences.

Luqman al-Hakim said to his son (I carried iron, but I did not find it heavier than the debt).
Often a shift away from proper thinking and finding solutions and exits from them or to other obstacles that may be practical or personal
Therefore, this service was introduced to settle existing debts with creditors completely and conveniently for the debtor in terms of
His logical and real resources, with grace periods and adequate facilities for repayment, after a thorough study of the debtor’s financial position and determining
The form of settlement he desires.

Public Services

Monitoring devices

This includes the installation and supply of surveillance devices of all kinds, closed-circuit television cameras and specialized mobile cameras And static, high-sensitivity sound sensors, motion sensors, door and window security devices, and external smart lights And connecting all the above devices to the various means of communication by phone, mobile and the Internet, and turning them on and off remotely
And from anywhere in the world (all of the above devices are available for both wired and cordless installation).

Safety devices

It includes the installation and supply of various fire-fighting devices, follow-up of their validity, periodic maintenance, and the accompanying lighting devices Smoke and flame sensors, cooking gas sensors, stove (propane), lights, and alarm sounds And automatic sprinklers and the possibility of direct system communication with nearby firefighting units and notification of the presence of a fire

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