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SHISCO aims to reduce and control credit risk to the minimum possible and acceptable level. Which (May Allah allow to sell and forbid usury), guaranteeing, providing, keeping a regular payment of debts in the markets and reducing the losses thereof resulting from Improper credit operations, in order to let them to benefit and benefit their owners to achieve the desired viability of their business and  the  flow of finance that is guaranteed by the profitability that is included in  resulting from their plans and studies for their business, which in turn is reflected in the health of the economy and the market in general.

Our services

Services to creditors

Debt Collection

It is concerned with collecting all kinds of  bad debts and stable debts and the various forms resulting from bills.
Checks, various financial instruments, insurance policies and claims of all kinds

Credit risk management

It is concerned with assessing the risks arising from various credit transactions and putting in place the necessary precautions to avoid falling into losses

Confirm customer information

It examines the preparation of forms related to customer information requesting credit and the type of questions contained therein and placed in accordance with different standards.


It withdraws from all orders and executions issued by the police, prosecution offices, and courts concerned with arrest, seizure or prohibition
And limiting movement and all legal procedures.

Monthly bills

In it, we mean collecting and distributing monthly bills and claims and following them up from issuance until payment, so that regular contact is made.

Legal advice

It is concerned with providing various and specialized legal advice from an elite group of legal advisors in the areas of
Criminal, civil methods and methods of litigation

Public services

Monitoring devices

This includes the installation and supply of surveillance devices of all kinds, closed-circuit television cameras and specialized mobile cameras

Safety devices

It includes installing and supplying various fire fighting devices

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